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Programs include results to an off-leash level!
Be sure to view the comments below from veterinarians who have trained with us.
See the videos of the fun and freedom dogs can have when trained well!

In-Your-Home: “Great Dog” Command & Manners Program
  Our Head Trainer will coach your family how to teach your dog to have wonderful manners, on and off leash.   This program is for the family who has the time and the desire to teach the process of the commands to their dog.    We meet with you often to give you the support and guidance needed to ensure that you are teaching your dog in the most effective manner.  This program takes 4 weeks to complete.  Email us for details.

Our Motto: Play, Train, Snuggle…Repeat!

“I Can’t Believe It’s the Same Dog” Command & Manners Program

The phrase “I can’t believe it’s the same dog!” is utter by most everyone who chooses this program.  This program focuses on the commands and teaching self-control. The foundation of the training will be done for you by our skilled trainers.   This program gives us the time to “proof” the commands around heavy distractions and while off-leash.  Email us for details & availability.


Read what a local veterinarians have to say after having their dogs trained with the Dog Training Company.

FROM: Dr. Ian J. Driben from Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital Moorestown
” I have nothing but the utmost faith in Susan and Ron. They have personally worked with my own family’s dogs ranging from Maltese to Rottweiler to Rhodesian Ridgeback. You may think that these dogs have nothing in common, but they do. They are all exceptionally trained. Although their training collars are always worn, they are seldom, if ever, needed. Whenever my clients ask me, “Who do I trust with my own pets?”, I answer, “Susan and Ron of ‘The Dog Training Company’.” They are professional, effective, and get results quickly. I haven’t had a single client disagree.

FROM: Dr. Sachina Lyons-Brown from Clementon Animal Hospital
“The Dog Training Company’s Manners program was a wonderful and positive experience for my entire family, especially our dog Josey. Ron Nober’s expertise and understanding of behavior is clear and I felt very comfortable with his guidance. Most importantly, his love of animals is evident which is a great key to his success. The program made training very easy, I almost felt like I was cheating. I’ve always referred clients to the Dog Training Company and was glad to have the opportunity to experience the program first hand. I can recommend it with enthusiasm and confidence in a full service company committed to making owners and their dogs have a great relationship!”

FROM: Dr. Charles J Driben from Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital Moorestown
“The Dog Training Company has been a great help in my practice.  As a veterinarian, I must be selective with recommendations to my clients for any  professional services that seem appropriate for them.  Without exception, the satisfaction that has been fed back to me has been most positive.  The approach you have with them, your follow-up calls,  e-mails  are unusual.  People appreciate your interest and the success that they enjoy in owing a well behaved dog is truly the bottom line.   The remote collar that you are using is an amazing device.  It enables you to teach the owner how to train and reinforce their dogs in a humane and harmless manner.  The animals seem to enjoy their sessions and show no signs of discomfort.

FROM: Dr. Paul Tamas from Larchmont and Winslow Animal Hospitals
“Susan and Ron of “the Dog Training Company” are two wonderful people whom I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  I am a veterinarian and I had the crazy idea to get a giant schnauzer.   In timely fashion, I met Susan and Ron who told me of their training program.  I saw Susan’s demonstration program with their unbelievably intelligent and well-trained female boxer and Susan explained the use of an electronic remote collar.   The remote collar works humanely and efficiently – something I was very concerned about.  My profession has given me a chance to work with several dog trainers over the years, but without hesitation I can say I’ve never met two people who were more knowledgeable, open and professional than Susan and Ron.  I highly recommend them to anyone.  You will not be

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27 11 2020

Would you be able to train a 35 lb. 7 year old dog to walk well on a leash? How would you do this? What would the cost be? Finances are a consideration here. Dog is a Puggle rescue dog.
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30 11 2020
Susan Engel

Hi! Thank you for contacting us. I just sent you an email from our comcast email address.

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