The Trainers

Susan Engel-Nober
Training Director, k-9 Behaviorist & Puppy Expert


Susan & JumpinBean

Susan is lucky enough to be living her childhood dream of working with animals. She is a dog professional with more than 36 years of extensive, full-time experience working with families and their dogs.

Known as the “Puppy Expert” Susan is the creator of The Dog Training Company’s Everything you need to know about Training Puppies seminar that is offered to anyone free via zoom.

She was the Director of Humane Education at a large veterinarian hospital after many years as a veterinary assistant. Her desire to help homeless animals prompted positions as an animal shelter manager and a great dane rescue volunteer. Susan’s growing dedication to animals was recognized by the members of Animal Welfare Association, which resulted in a position on the AWA’s Board of Directors.

Susan has taken three of her dogs, Monkey and Scout, her boxers and Riggs, her Belgian Malinois thru the certified Pet Therapy program with Therapy Dogs, Inc..

Susan was the founder of Project: Troop Dogs, which is a non-profit organization that sends care packages to the Military War Dog Teams overseas.   Riggs, her Malinois, was the mascot for the organization.

She has been a guest lecturer at college animal science programs and at veterinary hospitals. Susan is an instructor of seminars to teach other professional dog trainers. Susan is the canine behavior consultant for several large veterinary hospitals in her area.

Susan is a graduate of National K-9 School for Dog Trainers and Sit Means Sit School for Dog Trainers.

Nature and animals have alway been a passion for Susan.

She has many feathered pets:  2 parakeets called “Baby Birds”, 2 roosters “KennyRogersRooster” & “Lemon Chicken”, 13 hens with names like “Mama”, “Stanley”, “PoppySeed” & “JeffGoldblum” and 4 Swedish-Blue ducks collectively known as “The Girls”.   When there is extra time, Susan enjoys training her ducks and chickens to be distractions for the training dogs.  She shares her home in the country with her wonderful husband, Ron, and TheBeanSisters: “MonkeyBean”, “JellyBean” and  JumpinBean.

Ron Nober ~ Head Trainer

31ron copy

Penny & Ron

Ron has been a professional dog trainer since 1998. He has worked with thousands of dogs and their families. Ron is not only an excellent, skilled dog trainer; he is a compassionate, patient person who enjoys teaching people and their dogs.

Years ago, when he started to work at the Dog Training Company, it was obvious that Ron was a natural. Realizing his talent, Ron enrolled in one of the best dog training schools in the country, the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio. It was not a surprise when he finished among the top of his class.

Ron’s success has earned him an invitation to the Influential Club of a well-known training equipment company. They ask for his opinion and ideas on how to better assist dogs in the future. Ron is a member of IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals and The National K-9 Graduate’s Association.

Ron also attended the top dog training school known for its revolutionary, effective and positive training method.

Ron has a Masters degree in Early Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University.   Prior to training dogs professionally, Ron earned his Bachelors degree at Temple University in Philadelphia in Anthropology. Ron worked as an archeologist for several years uncovering artifacts ranging from 4000-year-old arrowheads from Native Americans to ammunition from the civil war battle at Gettysburg.


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