Puppy Program

Get started right away!

We are excited to continue to help you during this time!
We are offering Puppy Lessons &Behavior Lessons
via private Zoom meetings.
Email us for details, fees & to set up an appointment. 

Our Boxer, JumpinBean

Our one-on-one In-Your-Home programs are on hold at this time.
Our one-on-one program is done in you home allows you to customize the training according to your needs. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions…you decide.

We will be happy to help you with every aspect of raising a puppy and help you with things like housebreaking, stopping play biting and teaching you how to establish leadership. We will show you have to create a trusting, positive bond with your puppy.

We would also be happy to teach you how to teach your puppy the beginnings of the obedience commands.  The first lesson also includes an air-based training tool and The Dog Training Company’s Everything you need to know about Training Puppies workbook.  This program is best for puppies 8wks to 18wks.

Need Housebreaking/Puppy Information?  Get your workbook today!
The Dog Training Company’s “Everything you need to know about Training Puppies.”
The only puppy workbook you will ever need!
 Email us for a .PDF version of the workbook. ($10.) 


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