Free Puppy Seminar

Everything You Need To Know About Training Puppies!


 To Join the PuppyParenting Seminar via zoom
Click on JumpinBean’s photo to the right. 

Leadership, Basic Manners and Easy Housebreaking-Stop the Accidents!!!!!

Need Housebreaking/Puppy Information?  Get your workbook today!
The Dog Training Company’s “Everything you need to know about Training Puppies.”
The only puppy workbook you will ever need!
 Email us for a .PDF version of the workbook. ($10.) FEE WAIVED IF YOU SEND US A PHOTO OF YOUR PUP.

We will detail the TLC Approach that will promote a fun, enjoyable & problem-free relationship with your dog.  Most behavior issues, including aggression, can be traced back to inadequate Training, Leadership and Crating.

We detail how to teach the most important doggy life lessons to your dog,  how to become a calm and effective leader and how balanced crate training will bring out the best in your dog.

  • Stop Play Biting
  • Crate Training
  • House Breaking
  • Stop crate barking
  • Step-by-step Balanced crating schedule for housebreaking

Next Seminar Dates:
Wednesday, June 29th at 6:00pm.
Wednesday, August 10th at 6:00pm.

Join Zoom Meeting with laptop or desktop use this link:
To join via mobile device download the Zoom app and use the following:
Meeting ID: 886 9905 5422
Passcode: 628435

Our Dogs: MonkeyBean, JellyBean and JumpinBean as puppies.

FROM: Bonnie,  Tabernacle NJ “I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful seminar last night. It was very informative and entertaining. It is obvious that you and Susan have a pure affection for dogs and are motivated by a desire to make their coexistence with humans a pleasant and positive one. As I mentioned last night, I learned more in that one session with you than I did in six weeks of puppy school. This is not to denigrate the school I took my Sweet Annie to, as they covered many of the same things you talked about last night. But I needed guidance with basic housebreaking and nipping issues, while they seemed to focus on more advanced commands. I would want to learn those eventually, but before I learn to cook chicken cordon bleu, I want to learn how to boil water first, you know?Please pass on my thanks to Animal Crackers for allowing us to invade their space last night in such a gracious manner. It is wonderful that they provide Susan with a forum in which to spread the word. I will definitely be back there to shop for Annie as a small way to acknowledge their kindness.” Annie and I thank you!

FROM: Chris R. Haddonfield “We struggled through the first 3 weeks of puppy training on our own before a friend referred us to The Dog Training Company. When I contacted Susan, she could not have been more patient and understanding while answering my questions. Susan mentioned that she and Ron were conducting a free Puppy Seminar the following evening, so I decided to attend even though I had already read a stack of books on puppy training and thought I basically knew what I was doing. Well, I was wrong. Susan and Ron taught me how to make many subtle changes in order to get the results I was looking for more quickly. Using their methods, I started seeing improvement the very first day. Their approach is clear and straightforward. It is firm without ever being harsh. And within a week, our puppy was well on his way to mastering a number of commands that our adult dogs never learned. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to know that I could spend more time focusing on training my dog to follow my lead and less time cleaning up after his accidents.”

FROM: Joni L. Schwartz Cherry Hill  “On Thursday evening, I attended the session in your office given by Susan and Ron. Not only was it an entertaining evening, it was most informative. Both Susan and Ron was patient with all the questions asked. Even after the 2-hour session, they were not in a hurry to get home.   As you know by your records, Denali is our third puppy, but this time we decided to train him correctly. Listening to both Ron and Susan and watching them interact with Monkey and Scout really gave me educational pointers. I would highly recommend that all new puppy owners take this class.”

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