Welcome to The Dog Training Company!

Welcome to The Dog Training Company!

The Dog Training Company’s years of successful dog training has earned them
the reputation of being one of the leading training centers on the east coast.

The Dog Training Company specializes in training dogs to have self-control.
Self-control is the foundation of all good manners.  Self-control is especially important when distractions are present or when off of a leash.
The Dog Training Company’s training is based on structure, affection & leadership.  This will result in the family building a better and bond and relationship with their dog.

Would you like your dog to have more self-control?

Contact The Dog Training Company today & let your dog be next!


“Kaley”is watching the ducks during the off leash self-control test.  “Kaley” is a 6month old BorderCollie mix. 




2 responses

14 02 2020
Kimberley George McClain

My puppy has all issues…potty training….jumping…following commands. Only time he’s good is sleeping in the crate…can you assist in all this

14 02 2020
Susan Engel

Hi Kimberly, We sure can! Let me know how old your puppy is, what breed(s) and your email address and I will send you our information. Thanks, Susan~TrainingDirector

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